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MCWP Core Company Values

Madison Country Wood Products | Team Picture | Company Culture

Our employees and customers are at the heart of what we do. At Madison County Wood Products, dedication, hard work, and leadership are at the root of our company, which has helped us get so far. We can fully serve our customers because our great team practices our core values resulting in a strong work ethic and a fantastic end product.

What drives our mission deeper are our five core values as a company. We are a stronger, committed team when we lead with excellence, team unity, respect, personal development, and stewardship. We apply each of these values when producing our wood products.

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Madison County Wood Products is a leading U.S. pallet manufacturer, providing top-rated wood products nationwide from our Missouri headquarters. Our drive for excellence is why we’ve become a top wood manufacturer. We work with precision through every step of the manufacturing process to provide customers with top-rated wood while creating a personal connection, whether the transaction is direct or indirect.

Team Unity

In our line of work, team unity is essential. No one succeeds alone.

Because we’re a vertically integrated company, we have several distinct departments, each charged with a specific task, working independently and dependently. Interdepartmental cooperation is crucial to achieving overall company objectives.

MCWP team members recognize that when one person succeeds, everyone wins; when one falls short, everyone pitches in to create a stronger result. We are all in this together.

When communication is clear and consistent, we perform as a united team, producing a high-quality, finished product.

Madison Country Wood Products | Company Culture | Core Values | Wood Pallets


People are the key to MCWP’s success. We have tremendous respect for each employee, and all team contributions are valuable. We produce an exceptional product by respecting our natural resources and employees who help bring our various wood products to life.

Personal Development

What makes our business stand out isn’t solely the wood products or services we offer but the people in it. At MCWP, we know that when our employees have more access to personal-development opportunities such as job training, advancement opportunities, and our Chaplain program provides resources to help employee's with life skills. They are more engaged, happier, and interested in helping one another with the initiatives connected to working at MCWP.

All team members' contributions are valuable, and we encourage those who desire professional growth to explore new opportunities within the plant as they arise. We show appreciation for our employees in various ways, from sports teams, Family Appreciation Day, veterans programs, family dinners, bake sales to team support when we have an employee who going through difficult times.

Madison Country Wood Products | Wood Pallets | Company Culture


From the tree's root to the shipping truck it meets, Madison County Wood Products has a hand in the entire wood manufacturing process, ensuring top quality and sound stewardship.

Our decisions affect generations to come. MCWP focuses on sustainability in every area, from forest management to operational management. We are passionate about managing our natural resources for generations to come. We produce grade lumber, railroad ties, pallets, mulch, dust, and chips.

Through our core values, we take pride in ensuring the utmost importance in every wood product and pallet we manufacture. Understanding how important skilled and dedicated employees are to our success, we have a strong family of employees because of our team-based culture.

With God as our foundation, we are committed to operating with honesty, respect, integrity, and as good stewards of forest resources by providing exceptional wood products that positively impact the world.


Madison County Wood Products is a vertically integrated company specializing in land and timber management, logging, sawmilling, and pallet manufacturing. We take a zero-waste approach focusing on environmental impact while providing customers with quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries.


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