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Top-Rated Wood Products & Pallet Manufacturer

Providing quality wood pallets and products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries

With God as our foundation, we are committed to operating with honesty, respect, integrity, and as good stewards of forest resources by providing exceptional wood products that positively impact the world.

Wood Pallets, Products & Land Management Services

Madison County Wood Products Workers

At MCWP, we specialize in land and timber management, logging, sawmilling, and pallet manufacturing. We stand behind the high-quality quality wooden products we produce.

We’re proud to help businesses of all industries properly move, ship, and store their products with our shipping pallets.

To demonstrate how much we care about the forests we harvest timber from, we take a zero-waste approach while converting the complete log into usable products.
Wooden Pallets
Stacked Pallets at MCWP

Wooden Pallets

Pallets are our bread and butter. Madison County Wood Products sells over 2.5  million pallets a year!

You can trust heat-treated, reliable wooden pallets to move, ship, and store your products.

At  MCWP, we manufacture a variety of pallets: stringer pallets, block pallets, and skids–in standards, oversized and custom pallet sizes. Not only do we manufacture pallets, but we also purchase, harvest the wood, and run the logs through the sawmill–making us a fully integrated company.

Mold-free pallet applications are available.

Grade Lumber

Our quality lumber comes from South-Eastern Missouri forests.  Red oak, White Oak, Hickory, Walnut, and cherry trees provide sturdy lumber, perfect for furniture, whiskey, wine barrels, molding, and flooring.

Quality Grade Lumber
Madison County Wood Products - Railroad ties.jpg
Cants & Squares Industial Lumber

Untreated Railroad Ties

Our railroad ties come from our lumber. Cross and switch ties come in lengths from 8’ to 16’.

Cants & Squares

We sell industrial lumber, cants, and squares direct from our sawmill.

Railroad Ties
Cant's & Squares

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Stacked Pallets at MCWP
Madison County Wood Lumber Factory
mcwp workforce
More Than A Wood Products Company

At MCWP, we value our customers, employees, the forests, and faith in God. Not only does MCWP offer programs to empower our employees and events to build strong team culture. We are stewards of the environment. We take a zero-waste approach focusing on environmental impact while converting the complete log into usable products to reduce waste.


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Ship Products, Store Products, Build with MCWP

Our top-quality wooden products, like our shipping pallets, are trusted by various industries to safely ship and store their products. From cants and squares to lumber and railroad ties, you can trust our wood products to do the job.

We Transport pallet and wood products

Providing customers with wood products and pallets since 1981. Read what our customers have to say!

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