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Employee Appreciation & Company Culture

Madison County Wood Products | Core Value | Company Culture | Employee Appreciation

Since our founding in 1981, we’ve seen tremendous success as we’ve grown from a small family-owned operation to a premiere wood products manufacturer. Generations of families have participated in MCWP's growth and success over the years. We were born to become a major entity in the wood products industry.

Fast forward 40 years, we’re one of the largest wood manufacturers in the midwest – servicing the needs of our customers with quality wood pallets and products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries. We produce grade lumber, railroad ties, pallets, mulch, dust, and chips and take pride in our zero-waste approach.

We could not have gotten where we are today without our amazing team of employees who go above and beyond daily.

MCWP | Team Work | Wood Pallet Manufacturer

We Value Our Employee Contributions

There’s no substitute for hard work. We don’t take for granted the dedication and hard work each MCWP employee brings to the success of Madison County Wood Products. Our employees are essential to the success of our wood company. We show our employees how much we care about them through career development, team-building opportunities, and full benefits.

Teamwork is essential to our success as a company. At MCWP, we operate under 5-core values; these core values strengthen our company as a whole.

The Madison County Wood Products team works together to serve a higher calling. Our pillars of business include:

  • Stewardship

  • Team Unity

  • Personal Development

  • Respect

  • Excellence

Motivation comes when our team understands how their individual and collective contributions align with our company's higher purpose.

MCWP | Core Values | Team Work

Our mission reads:

“With God as our foundation, we are committed to operating with honesty, respect, integrity, and as good stewards of forest resources by providing exceptional wood products that positively impact the world."

Keeping this mission at the center of all we do helps demonstrate a clear link between individual department goals and the company's broader objectives to our staff.

Learn, Grow, And Succeed At MCWP

Our craft is wood manufacturing, and our passion is our people. We offer career development opportunities to all our employees to learn, grow, and succeed. All team member contributions are valued, and those who desire professional growth are encouraged to explore new opportunities within the plant as they arise. No matter what your background is, there is a place at MCWP for you to grow and develop your skills. We’ve had high school graduates with limited work experience come to work at MCWP, and become saw shop managers and machine operators.

We Provide Our Employees With Great Benefits

Although revenue is a critical metric, we measure our prosperity by the lives we positively impact. To have a healthy, happy, and hardworking team of individuals, we offer a competitive benefits package for our regular full-time employees, including the following:

  • ​Medical, dental, and vision insurance

  • Health Savings Account

  • Basic Life and AD&D insurance

  • Supplemental life insurance

  • Traditional 401K and Roth 401K

  • Vacation Days

  • Paid company holidays

  • Direct Deposit

Top Rated Wood Pallets | Core Values | Team Work

We are always looking for more amazing people to join our team! Click here to explore current job opportunities at MCWP!

We go beyond providing our employees with great benefits by providing them with team enrichment and time for bonding.

We value our employees as whole persons, so we try to treat you as such. Below are the different ways we try to show our appreciation:

  • Family Dinners

  • Bake Sales

  • Anniversary Celebrations

  • Veterans Program

  • Sports Teams

  • And more!

For us, there is no greater thrill than seeing our employees' justifiable pride when they realize their dreams. Sometimes a person comes to us lost and broken, seeking to find a family that genuinely supports and cares for them. Our awesome employees are our secret to success.

We’re always striving to make Madison County Wood Products a great workplace. That’s why we treat everyone like a family member - no matter their role in the company.


Bryan Kesting is the VP of Sales for Madison County Wood Products – he’s also a 2nd generation Co-Owner of the family-run business. He helps set the company's direction and continually pursues industry-changing opportunities. Bryan is proud to serve MCWP’s clients and the entire team, from the loggers to the drivers delivering the finished goods. Everything he does supports the company’s drive to be an incredibly vertically operated wood products company by managing acreage, harvesting, logging, milling, and manufacturing while focusing on zero waste by using the whole log.


Madison County Wood Products Inc. is a vertically integrated company specializing in land and timber management, logging, sawmilling, and pallet manufacturing. With a focus on environmental impact, we take a zero-waste approach while providing customers with quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries.

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