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Benefits of Long-Term Relationship with Pallet Supplier MCWP

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Madison County Wood Products does not take it lightly when working with vendors, customers, and pallet suppliers. As much as it is a business transaction, it is, even more, the opportunity to develop a long-term relationship between our company and yours. The commitment goes beyond just delivering the wooden pallet - our team dedicates ample time to superior quality, exceptional customer service, and an interpersonal connection that will, hopefully, add trust to the exchange.

How to Choose a Pallet Supplier

We understand that quality and price top the list when choosing a pallet supplier. While our team places importance on the logistical aspects of the pallet, our purpose runs deeper than just delivering a pallet. Our motivation and aim lie within serving our customers wholeheartedly, producing top-notch pallets that are dependable and suitable for your industry. Because MCWP wants to benefit our customers best, we constantly strive to consider innovativeness, flexibility, and design. The Pallet Design System allows us to continue to have the best quality and most long-lasting pallets on the market.

Madison County Wood Products | Long-Term Relationships | Missouri

Long-Term Relationships

You are our priority. When our teams repetitively collaborate to produce wooden pallets for your company, MCWP ensures that wooden pallets deliver in a safe and timely manner over any other order. We have the option to put a placeholder that guarantees ultimate priority, even amid unpredictable circumstances, such as COVID-19.

Company Values

The way we treat our employees and customers stems from our foundation in Christ. MCWP grounds itself in the framework to be intentional, devoting our time and resources to the betterment of society and the industries we interact with daily. We appreciate your willingness to be on the front lines to supply the country and surrounding areas with goods. Know that we stand strong in the engagement of properly using the earth’s resources to wholly utilize the entire log, fully integrating the zero-waste approach, and converting the whole log into useable products.

The Madison County Wood Products team is readily available on the other line to assist in any wood products questions. You will never dial the phone to only hear from an operator. Our sales team wants to align first-hand with your company's specifications, pallet choices, and decisions.


About the Author:

Paul Gaines | Madison County Wood Products

Paul Gaines is Vice President of Operations and a 2nd generation co-owner at Madison County Wood Products. Following his Father and Grandfather, Gaines leverages 22 years of wood product manufacturing experience to improve operational processes amid everchanging technological advances, keeping Madison County Wood Products the most efficient and sustainable wood products supplier in the industry. A genuine people-person, Gaines enjoys leading employees and customers to success.

Madison County Wood Products

Madison County Wood Products Inc. is a vertically integrated company specializing in land and timber management, logging, sawmilling, and pallet manufacturing. With a focus on environmental impact, we take a zero-waste approach while providing customers with quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries.


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