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Four Must Haves When Choosing a Pallet Manufacturer

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The most crucial aspect of any successful warehouse is safety. Overseeing safety, efficiency, and production can carry a heavy burden. The fewer safety concerns, the more productive and efficient the entire operation will run. A wise warehouse manager or business owner will choose quality products in every area to ensure safety standards are met.

Pallets with firm foundations and strong frames designed for the load are integral to warehouse safety - Madison County Wood ProductsPallets with firm foundations and strong frames designed for the load are integral to warehouse safety - Madison County Wood Products

When dealing with shipping and transportation, quality logistics tools are vital. Safe and efficient cargo begins at the ground up. Pallets, though often overlooked, can make or break your logistics department. Firm foundations, strong frames, and exact measurements are an essential part of any pallet structure. When Madison County Wood Products is constructing pallets, we maintain the highest quality standards based upon the national guidelines set out by the The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association is a corporation that sets forth pallet standards. Our pallets ship household, food, medical, and business supplies worldwide.

Here are essential factors to consider when selecting a pallet or choosing a pallet manufacturer.

1. For optimal results, pallets work best when designed for the load rather than the load for the pallet.

Freight is an essential part of every industry – and pallets are an integral part of hauling that cargo. But not all pallets are suited to every industry. Be sure you select a pallet equipped to handle the load you are shipping. Any pallet will not always do. In regards to food and pharmaceutical logistics, pallets have to adhere to FDA regulations.

Madison County Wood Products - Pallets Designed for the Load
Madison County Wood Products - Pallets Designed for the Load

The gold standard that MCWP puts into every piece of wood is the perfect choice for shipping the highest quality food to your restaurant or grocery store. Our American made pallets are monitored and tested to ensure they are of the highest quality wood and sanitation requirements. Do yourself a favor and choose wisely; chose an American mill that follows the strict FDA guidelines when necessary.

2. Structural Soundness = Decrease in Product Damage

Not all pallets are created equal! Having a structurally sound pallet is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the cargo. Knowing your pallet can handle the load you put on it and the rigorous movement it must endure is vital.

The VERY best pallets are handmade and monitored while using an automated nailing machine. An automatic nailing machine can precisely target the exact pressure and diametrical location to build the most structurally sound pallet. If the sequence is slightly off, or the device is not correctly maintained, it can cause a unit load problem. At MCWP, our standard is to utilize the most technologically advanced equipment that produces the best pallets on the market.

3. Efficiency and Sustainability

Wikipedia's definition of efficiency states that the (often measurable) ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing the desired result.

When searching for the best pallet manufacturer, efficiency is of the utmost importance. An efficiently and adequately produced pallet can help lower your shipping costs, storage costs, delivery costs, and more.

Madison County Wood Products - Strives for Sustainability in pallet manufacturing with goal of using the whole log
Madison County Wood Products strives for sustainability in pallet manufacturing with goal of using the whole log

When a company upholds a high level of sustainability, you can trust its products and materials to meet the standard at which is most beneficial for all. There are standards by which a company can be considered a global sustainability partner. Sustainability means we're manufacturing to meet our own needs without compromising future generations' ability to meet their own needs. When on the hunt for an all-around wholesome pallet manufacturer, a company that is considerate of the environment would be the best choice.

Madison County Wood Products strives to use the whole log – and is sustainable and efficient in the entire pallet manufacturing process.

4. Making the Right Choice

Pallets come in several sizes, styles, and price ranges to fit your company's individual needs. When selecting a pallet, be sure you get one size to your needs. Being limited to a "One-Size-Fits-ALL" pallet is not efficient or economical. If your company calls for a more compact pallet professionally treated so that mold will not grow, then that should be your choice. A wise decision for the proactive logistics manager choosing pallets suited to best suit the cargo shipped will reduce waste and profit loss.

Having more options should play an essential role in who does your pallet manufacturing.

"Made in AMERICA." There is something so nostalgic about seeing that on a product. With those three words, you take an item from being mediocre to rich in quality and design. America creates the best of the best in many products. Pallets that will hold your most precious cargo, valuable assets, and -ultimately, your livelihood, should be designed and built by your fellow Americans.

Put your faith in a company you can trust to have the same morals, dedication, and values to produce the quality pallets your company needs to be successful. Pallets designed to fit your company's exact needs, structural soundness, and overall budget are crucial. Your choices can affect your efficiency, sustainability, and profits for generations to come.


About the Author:

Bryan Kesting is the VP of Sales for Madison County Wood Products – he’s also a 2nd generation Co-Owner of the family-run business. He helps set the company direction and is in continual pursuit of industry-changing opportunities. Bryan is proud to serve MCWP’s clients and the entire team from the loggers to the drivers delivering the finished goods. Everything he does supports the company’s drive to be an incredibly vertically operated wood products company by managing acreage, harvesting, logging, milling, and manufacturing while focusing on zero waste through the use of the whole log.

Madison County Wood Products Inc. is a vertically integrated company specializing in land and timber management, logging, sawmilling, and pallet manufacturing. With a focus on environmental impact, we take a zero-waste approach while providing customers with quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries.

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