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Reasons Wood Pallet Customers Benefit from Manufacturers Using the Pallet Design System

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

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Madison County Wood Products dedicates itself to providing wood, stringer, skid, and block pallet customers the safest, highest-quality, most cost-effective, and best-engineered product available. By using the Pallet Design System (PDS), we're meeting our objectives. Here's a look at how the Pallet Design System is helping us improve pallet performance, workplace safety, and unit load success for food, pharma, chemical, and landscape supply chain customers.

What Is the Pallet Design System

The Pallet Design System ™ is a software program allowing wood packaging engineers, designers, and manufacturers to design custom wood pallets for superior shipping solutions. In partnership with the USDA Forest Service, the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) developed the computer-aided engineering tool at Virginia Tech University. The testing and application began in 1980, and the software continually receives updates and improvements that advance safety in supply chains and encourage the reuse and conservation of materials.

Why Buy from a Manufacturer Who Uses PDS?

#1: You Will Save Money

Money Savings with PDS | Madison County Wood Products | Fredericktown, MO

The Pallet Design System enables us to build precise pallets, eliminating the possibility of excess lumber and ultimately lowering your materials price.

#2: You Will Experience Better Pallet Performance

Top Pallet Manufacturer | Madison County Wood Products | Fredericktown, MO

Your load will be different from someone else’s. Relying on a pallet that’s not specifically designed for your weight requirements could jeopardize your shipment making it highly vulnerable to damage. PDS draws your pallet spec according to your needs. It gives us a structural analysis that predicts how your pallets will perform in various situations.

#3: You Will Elevate Workplace Safety

Workers Wear Safety Vests | Madison County Wood Products Fredericktown, MO

Madison County Wood Products makes safety a priority. We care about our customers' welfare and their employees as much as we do our own. One of our most significant reasons for using PDS is its reputation for assuring safety. The engineering program has a built-in feature that calculates the safest weight capacity for your unit load handling requirements. Having that information helps us answer your questions about how you can safely stack patterns for storage, transport, forklift, and pallet jack use.

Striving to go above and beyond is not just a goal; it's our unwavering commitment to our customers. The Pallet Design System enables us to provide them the very best product and service we can. If you would like to learn more about how a PDS analysis will benefit your pallets, please contact us today! Our trained customer service reps look forward to assisting you.

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About the Author:

Bryan Kesting is the VP of Sales for Madison County Wood Products – he’s also a 2nd generation Co-Owner of the family-run business. He helps set the company direction and is in continual pursuit of industry-changing opportunities. Bryan is proud to serve MCWP’s clients and the entire team, from the loggers to the drivers delivering the finished goods. Everything he does supports the company’s drive to be an incredibly vertically operated wood products company by managing acreage, harvesting, logging, milling, and manufacturing while focusing on zero waste through the use of the whole log.


Madison County Wood Products Inc. is a vertically integrated company specializing in land and timber management, logging, sawmilling, and pallet manufacturing. We take a zero-waste approach with a focus on environmental impact while providing customers with quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries.

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