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Madison County Wood Products Utilizes the Pallet Design System™

To Make Sure Every Product is Safe, Strong, and Reliable.


Our Pallet Design Systems™ (PDS) software allows us to help you optimize your spending by improving the design, safety, and reliability.​

  • We design the pallet for the load rather than the load for the pallet.

  • The PDS™ software help with improvements in structural soundness and a decrease in product damage.

  • Improves safety and reliability.

With PDS™ software, we go through the complete specification of the pallet. Ensuring it’s a safe and functional shipping pallet.


We analyze each component of the pallet through the PDS™ software.

  • Pallet type

  • Size

  • Style

  • Dimensions

  • Arrangement of components

  • Wood species

  • Recycled components

  • Nails

  • Staples


To learn more about the Pallet Design System™, contact us today!

The design of the pallet has everything to do with its structural integrity. Pallets that are not stable can collapse and cause serious damage to the product it’s holding. By utilizing the PDS™ software, we can manufacture pallets with precision.

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