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Tested, Trusted, and Safe Heat Treated Pallets

If you’re exporting goods outside the country and need ISPM-15 Compliant wood pallets, MCWP has what you need!


Ship Your Goods With MCWP Heat Treated Pallets

Our top-quality, heat-treated wood pallets are ISPM-15 Compliant, allowing you to ship your goods cross-country or internationally!


Pest Free, ISPM- 15 Compliant Pallets Available At  MCWP


As industry leaders, Madison County Wood Products ensures that all of our wood pallets are ISPM-15 Compliant. 

Heat treatments are an excellent approach to dealing with pests without chemicals! The wood products are placed in a chamber at 140 degrees. The heat removes the wood’s natural moisture and limits its absorbancy.

Our Pallets must go through a heating chamber after assembly. Freshly sawn lumber can have 40% moisture content. Pests love moisture!


Madison County Wood Products Ensures Safe, Pest-Free Wood Pallets

MCWP supplies heat-treated pallets in standard and custom sizing to meet the needs of your industry!


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